Mestre, Venezia

Le Principesse Towers

Year: 2018 - 2012
Dimension: 67'700 sqm
Client: D.N.G. Spa
Service: Preliminary design, General design
Project Team: Zuanier Associati



The project area lies on an area of over 5 hectares in Mestre city centre. The real estate development, used as a hospital until June 2008, gradually expanded by subsequent additions starting from the 20th century. The original age of a number of buildings dates back from the 16th century. The real estate development is currently dismantled. The Recovery Plan involves a surface with total area of 51.050 sqm, for a gross floor area of 63.700 sqm and an estimated volume of 191.000 mc. The redevelopment project is complex, with valuable functions, residential building portions and facilities for the entire city added. Until today, the large area occupied by the hospital was a significant “break” in the urban fabric. The development of the city was in fact unconcerned to this space, and the nature of “hortus conclusus” has determined the existence of unused residual spacesIn addition to the divestiture of hospital activities the area has lost some of its urban quality. The variation to the PRG for the “Umberto I ° Site” fits within a broader redesign of the city: near the project area the new via Olimpia railway station is going to be completed, which will serve the center of Mestre. The PRG establishes the following uses:

From the result of a ideas competition for the preparation of the Recovery Plan area, won by prof. Giorgio Lombardi, the project focuses on the symbolic three tall towers. Their vertical edification, according to the demands of the competition, aims to expand the areas of greenery and public use and to increase the permeability that promotes the cycle–pedestrian path along the east–west connection with the new station and with the system of squares (Ferretto e Barche) plus the new designed square.

In summary, it involves the construction of approximately 584 units divided into about 484 apartments, including 100 shops and offices, 18,250 sqm of green public/private area, 17,400 sqm of paved areas, 8,500 sqm of collective facilities.